The last few years or so have been a wild ride…

You are knee-deep in the trenches of motherhood – literally, since your kids are only about as tall as your knee or so.

Your children rely on you for all of their needs, and you really are doing such a great job meeting them – even on those days that you don’t feel like it. That’s just it though, you don’t feel like you really have a choice in what you get to pursue day to day – it’s all about making sure they are alive, well, and fed.

This is what you wanted, it’s what you dreamed about. Yet, in those little moments in the midst of the mundane, you yearn for more. Where is the fulfillment that everyone keeps talking about? Where is the joy?

Then that stab of guilt pierces your soul. You love your children, and can’t imagine not being home with them. Quickly you work to shut out the feelings of loss that you feel – the loss of yourself.

Lost to motherhood.

So you try harder and stay hyper-focused on the present, willing those thoughts and feelings to go away so that you can just be and enjoy your children. However, in that inevitable moment as you scroll SM, you see the joy and bliss in the lives of others. Those thoughts creep back in…

You are in reactive motherhood. It’s when you are constantly reacting to the urgency of each need. You know the drill – first you change a diaper, then you take out the trash, then you wash the dog, then you clean up the toilet paper that the kids got into while you were washing the dog, etc.
Each action is a reaction to the next event, circumstance, or feeling that comes up in your day without true intention.

No wonder you feel exhausted and discouraged at the end of every day.

The good news is that you don’t have to stay stuck here. While life isn’t perfect and there will be circumstances outside of your control, you do get to choose how you want to live each day with your children.

It’s being proactive and intentional with the time and gifts that God has given to you each and every day. You get to set clear, intentional goals for the well-being of yourself AND your family, and then take intentional steps towards those goals.

You don’t need to feel lost or discouraged any longer. Instead, you will experience greater flexibility and fulfillment in life, personal growth and development, and purpose and joy in your parenting decisions. …and it’s never too late to start.

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“So whoever knows the good they ought to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin.” James 4:17