What a beautiful life!

To be able to say that with firm conviction each and every day is a wonderful gift.

It’s a life focused on the present, and lived with purpose.

No longer are you:
– Binge watching TV because you are trying to numb out from the demands of the day.
Swinging back and forth between neglecting your home and getting hyper-focused on making sure it gets clean.
– Staring at your phone as your kids try to get your attention, and then forcing yourself to play after you are overwhelmed with guilt.
Glaring at your hubby when he doesn’t read your cues or anticipate your needs.
Crying to God, asking Him for a major change in your life and then getting discouraged and despairing when He doesn’t answer in a timely manner.

No, that life is behind you.

God has answered your prayers in ways you could never have anticipated back then, because of that day when you fully gave in and gave Him every inch of your heart.

As you look around at the gifts that He has given you, gifts that you had previously taken for-granted – your home, your kids, your husband, your health, your faith – your heart swells in gratitude.

Amid all these blessings, there has been a tug on your heart to share this same level of joy and hope with others.

But who would want to hear from you? You’re no one special. There are so many others much more qualified to do this. Plus, if you start something, you may end up neglecting your family.

Yet, that tug is persistent.

So you start by doing small acts of kindness for those around you. Then you post quotes and words of encouragement on your social media profile – you know just how much those meant to you on your worst days.

You see that same ache that you used to feel in the words and expressions of others, and you just want them to know that they’re not alone.

Don’t give up. Those small acts and words of encouragement do more for them than you will ever know. Your actions and prayers may have been that boost that they needed to continue on.

You know that you would do more for them if you could, but you’re not sure what that could be.

…until today.

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