It’s another night alone….

After all day with the kids, you look forward to the evenings when your husband is home. Yet, he doesn’t seem to share your feelings. He’s back in the other room playing video games and seems to have forgotten all about you.

This is not what you had ever envisioned that marriage would look like.

You walk in and watch him for a moment. As you study him with his headphones on and eyes glued to the screen, he glances real quick your way and your heart skips a beat. Then just as quickly it sinks low as you wonder if he cares more for his games than he does for you.

There seems to be no other choice but to walk into the other room and turn on a show with the romance and love that you long for in your life. It seems to numb the pain of abandonment that you feel just long enough to get through the evening.

Until it doesn’t…

Sadness and anger start welling up within you and tears start to fill your eyes. You know you can only stuff this so long before it turns into another argument. Some days it feels like it would be easier if you could just have a way out.

There is a way out

Though it may not be what you think.

That good and loving man who you married is still there. He wants to love you just as much as you want him to, but lately he hasn’t known how.

The stress of the job and providing for the family have been weighing on his shoulders, but he doesn’t know how to talk about it. He doesn’t want to appear to be any less of a man in your eyes, so he numbs his feelings by playing those games.

Looking at it from this perspective, it’s easier to hope again. You feel yourself inspired to find little ways to ease his stress and bring joy to his day. In turn you also feel more joyful.

You have found little ways to reconnect, and praying for him becomes second nature.

You know your needs are just as important, so you find ways to share your own needs with him in gentle and loving ways. You are also willing to be patient with your husband as he learns how to open up with you.

I know, because this is also my story.

There are seasons in marriage that require one spouse to give 85% while the other gives 15%, and that’s okay. Just be willing to discern when it’s your turn to give a little more.

Even as you are giving, you are also growing.

God uses this time to bring us closer to Him – to lean on Him and to trust Him with our spouse. In turn, He reveals to us more about ourselves and what He’s calling us to in this moment.

Navigating this season can feel a bit overwhelming. That’s why I created Fuel Your Faith Foundation. It walks you through this process, so that you can walk with confidence even on those days that feel like everything is going wrong.

It’s time to get started. For more information send me reply or click on the Fuel Your Faith Foundation link here.