Resurrected Motherhood Coaching program


Deepen your Faith in God’s plan, embrace yourself in your motherhood, and live more intentionally, so that you can experience peace in your heart and in your home.

Experience the ability to know and follow God’s plan for your life.


Let go of the things that are out of your control.

Have balance and purpose within yourself and your family.


Can you Imagine…?


-Fully trusting God in all areas of your life.

-Making intentional decisions about your lifestyle.

-Feeling calm and at peace, instead of overwhelmed.

-Feeling fulfilled and confident as the mom and wife you want to be.



Resurrected Motherhood

A 12 week 1:1 course focusing on…

→ On God’s truth and your identity in Him.

→ Embracing your unique characteristics, needs, and desires.

→ Creating actionable next steps, so that you feel fulfilled in your motherhood and beyond.

→  Implementing a lifestyle with flexible routines and habits that are personalized to you and easy to follow.



The Process

Apply to work with me

Fill out my quick application to make sure you are a good fit for my program!

Book your first call ($97)

In this call, we will take a look at your current situation and routine, so that we can simplify your day and create well-ordered habits based in Christian principles.

Get started

Are you ready to experience a happier, more fulfilling life? For the next three months I will help you keep to your new routine, tweak if necessary, and develop new habits and mindsets so that you can foster a Christian home life that radiates the love of Christ.    

How do I know if this program is right for me?

I have created this program specifically for moms who struggle with consistently and confidently trusting God even in uncertain circumstances, being present to their family amid the pressures of life, and contentment in their current season of motherhood while not losing sight of their goals and dreams.

If you want to experience the ability to know and follow God’s plan for your life, let go of the things that are out of your control, and have balance and purpose within yourself and your family.

This is for you!


Through this journey, you’ll learn to…

Find peace

Feel peace & joy in your home and every where you go.

Trust God

Gain a trust in God’s plan for your life.

Feel Confident

Feel confident in your ability to be a good mom.

Hi Friend!

It was just a few years ago that I was sitting right where you are – unsettled in my soul, overwhelmed in the busy monotony of motherhood, and scared for the future.

I struggled with the feeling of needing to ‘do something’ outside of motherhood. I struggled to be consistently present to my children, and then felt guilty for wanting to put my desires and feelings ahead of them.

Living in a busy household overwhelmed my senses, I would spend hours reading books or on the computer searching for the magic routine that would bring order and peace to my home.

Although I was surrounded by people, I felt isolated thinking that I had to do it all on my own, scared of failing and never reaching our dreams, and overwhelmed by the pressure that I had placed on myself to be perfect as a wife, mother, daughter, and friend.

I realized that I must be missing something, so I pulled back from everything to just focus on my husband and kids, and figure out what God was calling us to.

I started to do a lot of soul searching. A lot of my time was spent praying and seeking God’s will for myself and my family.

I dug deeper into who I was – who God had created me to be. I started thinking about, imagining, and writing down what our priorities were for my family, and then designed my life around those.

Making intentional decisions about our lifestyle helped me refocus and be a better mom to my children.

Although I’ve always had a ‘do it myself’ kind of attitude, I found that trying to work through these things on my own left me feeling more overwhelmed, isolated, alone, and weird than ever.

…but then, the peace started to come!

Through the mentorship of others, daily intentional prayer journaling, and spiritual reading, I was able to really dig deep into who God created me to be and grow deeper in my Faith.

Through this process, I have greater understanding and acceptance of the fact that God gave me my unique talents and passions for a reason, and I look to each day with excitement to see how He’s asking me to use them.

Where I used to feel overwhelmed by the chaos and the guilt, I’ve learned how to refocus my thinking – focusing on the positive and all that I am grateful for.

I’ve learned how to be intentional with the time we have as a family, and how I want to raise my children. I don’t worry like I used to – now I truly know in my heart that God provides and takes care of me even in our most desperate situations.

On the days where I do find myself falling back into any negative thought patterns, I know who to go to and what to do in order to make the positive shifts that need to happen.

I feel more confident in who I am and where God is leading us, content in where I’m at in life, and fulfilled in my motherhood, as a wife, and as a person.


Are you ready for this transformation in your life?

I’m here to help you learn how to faithfully follow God’s purpose for your life and avoid the distractions that come with discouragement and worry.

Here’s what is included…

12 [1:1] Coaching Calls with Me 

Personalized support and accountability as you go through the program, so that you see greater progress in a shorter period of time. 

Unlimited Voxer Access 

For those days when you are processing something “right now,” and waiting for our call will be too late. 

Access to Fuel Your Faith Foundation Course


Are You Ready to be at Peace?


Nicole is such a blessing to work with! She knows how to ask the right questions & gives those necessary pushes at just the right times & with encouragement to go deeper! Nicole recently offered me some very essential assistance & helped me to find peace that I needed when I was really struggling! Thank you so much, caring Nicole.

-AnneMarie S.


I met Nicole at the right time in my life. Her program has such tangible steps to gain towards clarity and understanding of yourself. I was able to gain confidence and insights there’s no way I would have on my own in such a clear, quick way. She shares such a wealth of Godly wisdom in everything available through Fuel Your Faith Foundation, YouTube, Blogs, and Coaching. Share her website with a friend or sister – it may just completely change their course of life for the better. Thanks Nicole!